The world is a complicated place.  Life is complicated.  It's messy, it's frustrating, and it's heartbreaking.  Life, all life, is connected, and through this connection life reflects the whole world. 

Every action done in ones own life has been done a million times before by others.  We fall in love, we fall in hate.  We play, we fight.  We pray, we blaspheme.  Every action is in it's own right a living thing, rippling out through the world.  Birth changes the lives around it as much as death.  Happiness is the mirror of melancholy, where hope is to despair.  To have one of anything is to have it's opposite, it's negative.  Both are necessary in order to have a full life.

Each persons story is written with the same pages, the puzzle of who they are is made with the same pieces, the difference though is the order in which things fall into place.  Individually these influences will take a stronger hold in our lives more than others, but we are all touched by the same things, and we all choose how to let these things influence us.  We learn, or we wallow.  We move forward, or we step back.  We build up, or we tear down.  We focus on, or ignore.  Every action is in itself reactionary, and every action is part of the world, influenced by outside forces while influencing further actions later.

We look at things as good and evil, and while these are extreme points that do play a part in our lives, most of life is not so polarized.  We are all made up of different levels of self, rarely so pure as singularly one or the other.  We are individuals made up of those who raised us, abandoned us, taught us, bullied us, brought us up or tore us down.  We are reflections of all these things, as those who are these influences are reflections of their own influences, and those influences are reflections of their influences, and so on.

The world is a simple place.  Life is simple.  It's beautiful, it's joyful, and it is uplifting.  Life, all life, is singular, and through our individuality we shine as ourselves and being ourselves we reflect the whole world.